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CBS “Vegas” Season 1 DVD

Released this week on DVD – The first season of “Vegas”. I was the director of photography for the pilot episode BTS and you can see my work used throughout the special feature documentaries on the discs(look for me in the credits!). Unfortunately, this is the first and only season. It’s really too bad… this show was so well done and had a really unique style from the typical TV procedural drama. Fantastic art direction and a great cast and crew. There were some amazing people attached to this project. Created by Nicholas Pileggi(Goodfellas, Casino) and Greg Walker(X-Files, Smallville). The pilot was directed by James Mangold(Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma) and lensed by Kramer Morgenthau(Game of Thrones, Thor).

Shooting BTS on the set of "Vegas" for CBS

Shooting BTS on the set of “Vegas” for CBS

More to come…