Custom BMPCC Power Distribution & Battery Box

BMPCC Battery Box & Power Distribution Box

BMPCC Battery & Power Distribution Box

Since I received my BMPCC(which I love), I’ve been frustrated with the lack of affordable power options that would work on extended shoots. So I decided to build my own. The project uses off-the-shelf parts and isn’t extremely difficult to put together. Some simple knowledge of soldering, drilling holes, and generally fitting things inside a box are needed. Other than that, it’s definitely in the realm of most DIYers like myself. I’m not an electronics expert, but I consulted some friends and family who are and ended up with a pretty affordable and awesome solution. And it’s not just for the BMPCC. This could be used with pretty much any camera rig.

You can see here it works with the battery box I built as well as commonly found commercial battery belts:

BMPCC Power Distribution Box with Battery belt

BMPCC Power Distribution Box with Battery Belt

I have a pretty well stocked workshop that includes a drill press, a dremel tool, a few rolls of hookup wire, heat shrink tubing, a soldering iron, crimp connectors, and an abundance of random screws. Besides those things, the parts for the build cost me about $150. And I think it could be done even cheaper. More on that later.

Here’s the specs:

BMPCC Battery Box & Power Distribution

• Dual output 12v battery box with charge indicator(switch allows you to display the charge level of either battery – see pic at the bottom) – 4 pin XLR plugs for power output and charging.
• Power distribution box with 4 pin XLR power input. 4 locking 2.5mm power outputs(I made custom cables that go from the 2.5mm plugs on the box to the various sized plugs of the camera, monitor, etc.). The voltage for each output is adjustable to fit your needs. 3 of the output voltages are set inside the box and one can be adjusted using the potentiometer screw on the outside of the box. The 7 Segment LED display can show the input voltage, the adjustable output voltage, turn the adjustable output on/off, and can switch back and forth displaying the input and output voltage automatically every few seconds.

In my case, I have 3 outputs set to 12v and 1 set to 5v. This allows me to run the camera, my DP4 monitor, the H4n, and have one extra 12v power supply for another accessory. And the system charges the internal BMPCC battery too!

Here’s a shot inside the box:

BMPCC Power Distribution Box

Inside the BMPCC Power Distribution Box

It works beautifully!

I think my next step is to build or source a smaller on-board battery that will work with the distribution box so you wouldn’t have to be tethered to the battery box or the belt.

Not bad for $150! Like I said earlier, I’m pretty sure with a bit more research, I can find the parts even cheaper.

I’m considering cleaning up my drawings, providing a parts list with sources, and a build tutorial. If anyone would be interested in such a thing, hit me up and let me know!

Battery & Power Distribution Box Powering the rig

Battery & Power Distribution Box Powering the Rig

BMPCC Battery Box Charge Indicator

BMPCC Battery Box Charge Indicator

What do you think?