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Tokina Cinema ATX 50-135mm

IMG_0848-1I’ll post a full on review ASAP, but wanted to quickly say that first impressions of the Tokina Cinema ATX 50-135mm are impressive for a zoom in this price range. Received the lens today and shot a quick test comparing it to a Zeiss CP.2 25mm. It’s slightly warmer than the Zeiss… Only slightly though. Focus was repeatable from both directions using the barrel marks and quite sharp. As sharp as the Zeiss. More thorough tests to come. Quite happy to have this in the arsenal.

Spaceship Project – Sneak Peak

A sneak peak of the scratch built spaceship model for an upcoming project. This is why my business card title is “Mad Scientist”. The model has articulated landing gear that are easily removed or attached for the landing shots in the piece. A full internally powered lighting system is now complete – all those dangling wires in the back end up contained in the body of the model. Nothing like building and shooting something like this practically if the budget allows for it. It looks real because it is. Not too often do I get to do something like this outside of my 3D modeler.

Build Photos

Custom BMPCC Power Distribution & Battery Box

BMPCC Battery Box & Power Distribution Box

BMPCC Battery & Power Distribution Box

Since I received my BMPCC(which I love), I’ve been frustrated with the lack of affordable power options that would work on extended shoots. So I decided to build my own. The project uses off-the-shelf parts and isn’t extremely difficult to put together. Some simple knowledge of soldering, drilling holes, and generally fitting things inside a box are needed. Other than that, it’s definitely in the realm of most DIYers like myself. I’m not an electronics expert, but I consulted some friends and family who are and ended up with a pretty affordable and awesome solution. And it’s not just for the BMPCC. This could be used with pretty much any camera rig.

You can see here it works with the battery box I built as well as commonly found commercial battery belts:

BMPCC Power Distribution Box with Battery belt

BMPCC Power Distribution Box with Battery Belt

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Vegas BTS


CBS “Vegas” Season 1 DVD

Released this week on DVD – The first season of “Vegas”. I was the director of photography for the pilot episode BTS and you can see my work used throughout the special feature documentaries on the discs(look for me in the credits!). Unfortunately, this is the first and only season. It’s really too bad… this show was so well done and had a really unique style from the typical TV procedural drama. Fantastic art direction and a great cast and crew. There were some amazing people attached to this project. Created by Nicholas Pileggi(Goodfellas, Casino) and Greg Walker(X-Files, Smallville). The pilot was directed by James Mangold(Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma) and lensed by Kramer Morgenthau(Game of Thrones, Thor).

Shooting BTS on the set of "Vegas" for CBS

Shooting BTS on the set of “Vegas” for CBS

More to come…

Sports Authority Field

Since the season is underway, I can finally share. I recently completed all the Sports Authority in-stadium animation for the Denver Broncos. Thundervision II, ribbon boards, 50 yard line, lobby screens, etc. … if it’s in the stadium, I made it!

That’s my funny head and the new Thundervision II screen behind me… on the field checking the screens for color accuracy and playback. The Broncos now have the largest outdoor stadium screen in the league, second all around only to that monstrous thing in Dallas.

More info, videos, and pics to come!