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Fotga DP500 2S Follow Focus

Fotga DP500 2S

This will be a short review of the above mentioned follow focus, I promise. But, I’m going to take this opportunity to give you a little background first that will help explain why this little hunk of Chinese metal makes me so happy.

I grew up in the country. Let me be a bit more specific. I grew up in the South, in a very small town. The kind of place where people do things for themselves. If something breaks, you fix it. Yourself. If you need something you don’t have, you make it out of what you have available. If we had a place nearby to purchase the things we needed, we may very well have gone there and purchased them. Out of necessity, we became engineers, inventors and jacks-of-all-trades. And I certainly did. MacGyvers as my father liked to called us. He and I were always trying to out MacGyver one another. Special thanks to Richard Dean Anderson. Now, there are a lot of “funny” pictures on the interweb of shoeless folks wearing overalls standing next to, riding on top of and generally being proud of some amazing contraption they created. And proud of all of them I’m sure they are. But, like many stereotypes these are fairly inaccurate representations of the kinds of things we MacGyver’d. And what clothes we wore on a daily basis.

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Custom BMPCC Power Distribution & Battery Box

BMPCC Battery Box & Power Distribution Box

BMPCC Battery & Power Distribution Box

Since I received my BMPCC(which I love), I’ve been frustrated with the lack of affordable power options that would work on extended shoots. So I decided to build my own. The project uses off-the-shelf parts and isn’t extremely difficult to put together. Some simple knowledge of soldering, drilling holes, and generally fitting things inside a box are needed. Other than that, it’s definitely in the realm of most DIYers like myself. I’m not an electronics expert, but I consulted some friends and family who are and ended up with a pretty affordable and awesome solution. And it’s not just for the BMPCC. This could be used with pretty much any camera rig.

You can see here it works with the battery box I built as well as commonly found commercial battery belts:

BMPCC Power Distribution Box with Battery belt

BMPCC Power Distribution Box with Battery Belt

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BMPCC & c-mount lenses

After having my Eclair NPR’s gate modified to Ultra 16mm several years ago, I started looking into affordable lenses that would cover the new, wider frame. Since my NPR has both the Eclair CA-1 and c-mount on a handy turret, I decided c-mount lenses were probably the way to go because they were relatively cheap and fairly abundant. But, I needed ones that could cover the frame without vignetting… if that was even possible. I had shot plenty of film in Standard 16mm and Super 16mm with Arri and PL mount lenses, but Ultra 16mm and the c-mount was new to me at the time.

Ultra 16 frame size = 11.66 mm x 6.15 mm

Super 16mm frame size = 12.52 mm x 7.41 mm

BMPCC sensor size = 12.48 mm x 7.02 mm

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