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Tokina Cinema ATX 50-135mm

IMG_0848-1I’ll post a full on review ASAP, but wanted to quickly say that first impressions of the Tokina Cinema ATX 50-135mm are impressive for a zoom in this price range. Received the lens today and shot a quick test comparing it to a Zeiss CP.2 25mm. It’s slightly warmer than the Zeiss… Only slightly though. Focus was repeatable from both directions using the barrel marks and quite sharp. As sharp as the Zeiss. More thorough tests to come. Quite happy to have this in the arsenal.

Criterion Collection Special Features


Last summer, I had the pleasure of working with the Criterion Collection’s team and shooting some of the special features for the release of Satyajit Ray’s “The Big City” on Blu-ray and DVD. I’m a long time fan of the Criterion Collection’s high standards and excellent special feature material. This should be a great addition to any film buff’s collection.

Check out my work on the disc – “Satyajit Ray and the Modern Woman”, a new interview with Ray scholar Suranjan Ganguly.





Shooting an Interview with Suranjan Ganguly

Shooting an Interview with Suranjan Ganguly

BMPCC & c-mount lenses

After having my Eclair NPR’s gate modified to Ultra 16mm several years ago, I started looking into affordable lenses that would cover the new, wider frame. Since my NPR has both the Eclair CA-1 and c-mount on a handy turret, I decided c-mount lenses were probably the way to go because they were relatively cheap and fairly abundant. But, I needed ones that could cover the frame without vignetting… if that was even possible. I had shot plenty of film in Standard 16mm and Super 16mm with Arri and PL mount lenses, but Ultra 16mm and the c-mount was new to me at the time.

Ultra 16 frame size = 11.66 mm x 6.15 mm

Super 16mm frame size = 12.52 mm x 7.41 mm

BMPCC sensor size = 12.48 mm x 7.02 mm

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Vegas BTS


CBS “Vegas” Season 1 DVD

Released this week on DVD – The first season of “Vegas”. I was the director of photography for the pilot episode BTS and you can see my work used throughout the special feature documentaries on the discs(look for me in the credits!). Unfortunately, this is the first and only season. It’s really too bad… this show was so well done and had a really unique style from the typical TV procedural drama. Fantastic art direction and a great cast and crew. There were some amazing people attached to this project. Created by Nicholas Pileggi(Goodfellas, Casino) and Greg Walker(X-Files, Smallville). The pilot was directed by James Mangold(Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma) and lensed by Kramer Morgenthau(Game of Thrones, Thor).

Shooting BTS on the set of "Vegas" for CBS

Shooting BTS on the set of “Vegas” for CBS

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